Image Gently At Longview Radiologists

We’ve taken the pledge to Image Gently and we’re glad to be one of a growing number of quality clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide that are dedicated to providing safe, high-quality pediatric imaging. To support this vital cause, we’ll be launching an upcoming print campaign in local publications to raise awareness to the issue and provide guidelines to follow for those with children who may undergo medical imaging.

The campaign was established by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, an organization comprised of professional societies from around the world that incorporates the fields of radiology, pediatrics, medical physics and radiation safety. It focuses on the medical imaging of children who, due to their smaller bodies, may receive radiation exposures that are greater than necessary. This phenomenon can pose a danger due to the radiosensitive nature of the tissues found in a child’s body, which can be compromised more easily by radiation exposure than the same tissues found in an adult.

As a result, the consortium of professional societies has established guidelines for the medical imaging of children, minimizing radiation exposure without compromising the quality of test results. We are proud to comply with these forward-looking standards, with each radiologist and technologist in our office having taken the pledge individually.

To learn more about the Image Gently campaign, please watch for our upcoming informational advertisements or visit Image Gently online at:

Image Gently